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8 February 2013 Suborning Insubordination

Yesterday I let Genbo stay home from school, just because. And of course Zoe wanted to get in on the action as well, so it was a play-hooky day for the three of us. I told him a couple months ago that we could have a school-free day once a month as long as we went out and did something special. I’m not convinced he learns anything meaningful at school anyway.

(I had originally thought of it as a way to have some one-on-one time; one day each month with Genbo and once with Zoe. I like interacting with my kids one-on-one, because it allows something to happen that can’t when there are three or more people present. However, in practice, I’ve learned, it’s hard to have a special day with one kid and have the other kid not be invited.)

So, we went to Higashi Honganji, after spending some quality time at a bookstore. This photo was taken approximately 5 seconds before the security guard pointed out a sign to me forbidding photography.

After culture, ice cream:

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