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12 February 2013 Stones in Snow

The other day I went with Jeffrey and Nicolas to the home/workshop/mountain gallery of some stonecarvers who live on the outskirt of Kyoto. I have wanted to come here for a long time, and it turns out that I went on the perfect day, where the whole place was blanketed in a thin enough layer of snow not to hide the moss underneath.

This same family of stonecarvers have been at the same location for five generations, and some of the pieces in their “showroom” are 800 or more years old. Here is a post of Jeffrey’s showing them working and describing them. I had little interaction with them on this trip other than our asking if we could go out back to shoot, to which their response was, essentially, “Don’t bother me with stupid questions. I gotta get back to work.”

I was highly amused that when we were about to leave they were sleeping on the concrete floor of their workshop, taking a nap outside on the ground in the cold in the middle of winter, when there house was probably just a minute’s walk away. Work with stone enough, I guess, and you become half stone yourself.

Normally I would have used a macro lens here, but today for some reason I was particularly enjoying wide-angle. Perhaps because Jeffrey was nice enough to loan me his 24/1.4.

Some Sanskrit to be Determined Seed syllable hrih in Siddham
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I love these guys
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Snow falling through light
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Just barely frozen
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