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16 August 2012 Rodeo!

We’ve been having a great time in Aspen for the past few days, and I already have tons of posts worth of photos. Tonight, however, we went to the Snowmass Rodeo, which was just about the most quintessentially American thing that I think I could have exposed Genbo and Zoe to. In fact, at the moment I feel like any part of the US that is NOT a rodeo is somehow just not authentically American.

Today was breast cancer awareness day at the rodeo, which was why all the cowboys were wearing pink shirts. This guy below was in charge of opening the gates for the practice session, which took place for about an hour before the main events. Two cowboys would get into gates, and then a calf released. This man waited a few seconds and then opened the gates, which he straddled with such an easy air of confidence that I can only assume he won every single rodeo himself between 1960 and 1970.

One cowboy lassoed the calf’s head (which seemed relatively easy), while the second was charged with lassoing the rear hooves, which had a much higher failure rate. This was one of the events of the rodeo, which apparently is like a sport with lots of prize money on the line. This cowboy below struck me for wearing the most flamoyantly pink shirt of the lot, along with a pink-rhinestone studded belt and rhinestone-studded glasses. I figured that if you’re going to be that flashy, you had better be good, and indeed he managed to lasso the rear hooves of the calf with an easy nonchalance that completely escaped everybody else.

Below are some more shots of the calf-lassoing competition. I was experimenting with trying to capture a sense of motion.


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  1. Jeffrey Friedl says:

    Really nicely done, and enough back story to make it stick. Love the lens flair in the last one, but I think the tracking shot (3rd from the end) is my favorite.